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We are a 100% employee-owned company elevating transportation management solutions through data analytics, UAS, connected vehicles, and software development

Who We Are

Howell Li

Co-founder of LSM Analytics, Li has been a software engineer and transportation specialist for over a decade. Li was a principal research analyst at Purdue University where he collaborated with transportation agencies and vendors on traffic signal performance measures, interstate mobility, and connected vehicles research and implementation

He has authored/co-authored articles in Transportation Research Board (TRB), ASCE Journal, and IEEE during his appointment at Purdue and is a pioneer in using connected vehicle data to determine intersection vehicle arrivals. His recent focus has been in developing analytics from vehicle and IoT data by applying big data methods and improving security and performance using cloud services. 

Li holds a MS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and a BA in Computer Science and Philosophy from New York University. In his prior appointments, he has also worked as a software developer in the finance, infrastructure, and education sectors. 

Justin Mahlberg

Co-founder of LSM Analytics holding a Ph.D. and MS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, along with a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, Mahlberg brings a wealth of academic expertise to the field.

Mahlberg developed a profound passion for vehicles and transportation working as a truck mechanic in his youth. Prior to co-founding LSM Analytics, he served as a Transportation Research Engineer at Purdue. He engaged and collaborated with Indiana decision-makers to help advise the allocation of resources for public and private sector stakeholders.

Mahlberg's extensive experience spans winter operations, pavement quality, pavement markings, and infrastructure assessment, and specializes in the development of data-driven visualizations and analysis programs.

LSM Analytics specializes in transportation data services with over 18 years of combined experience in safety, mobility, and winter operations. We are experts in curating data, conducting analysis, and developing software tailored to your organization's needs. 

What We Do

Transportation Analytics

Our expertise is in understanding the essence of transportation problems. We have over a decade of experience engaging with transportation practitioners on how they do things and what their priorities are.  Continuing this tradition, we are dedicated to delivering actionable insights by melding digital proficiency with practical field experience.  We're not writing code in a bunker: what distinguishes us is our hands-on approach to real-world needs.

Data Curation

We can help you navigate the vast landscape of data, ranging from flat-files, integrating data APIs, to massive cloud databases terabytes and beyond. We will assist your organization in extracting maximum value from your data to deliver actionable information to you and your stakeholders. 

Software Development

We tailor dynamic and scalable solutions unique to your organization's needs. Our cloud-based approach eliminates unnecessary waste of compute and storage resources while providing the flexibility to scale up as demands increase. Whether it's enhancing the front-end user interface, optimizing backend systems, or implementing data processing solutions, we work with you to meet and exceed your requirements. 

Upon delivery, our software is made available to our clients as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. This empowers your organization and others to utilize and contribute to ongoing enhancements, fostering collaborative support for the evolution of transportation solutions. 


Ensuring the accuracy of data and validating 'black boxes' to gain trust in emerging technologies is a priority for our team. We are committed to anchoring innovation to the field, grounding a solid connection between digital information and real-world phenomena

Specialized Applications

Road Analytics

We deliver road quality and friction (grip) insights crowdsourced from anonymized vehicles to provide decision makers with near-real time road quality and friction reports for decision-makers. The data follows European GDPR guidelines so that no personally identifiable information (PII) can be reverse engineered.


Photographic Remotely Integrated Scene Mapping (PRISM) makes use of American-made Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology to create two-dimensional orthomosaic and three-dimensional imagery for scene reconstruction, investigation, or inventorying to support accountability, efficiency, and archival of valuable data. 

More Technologies

Stockpile Inventory: Integrated LiDAR network to inventory over 120,000 tons of salt. 

Statewide Implementation (link)

Automated Material Application: Implemented a GPS controlled system to automate material application and reduce driver distraction.

 Brine Truck Automation (link)  

Driver Stress: Utilizing driver inputs to rank road network stress areas.

Traffic Signal Performance Measures: Using data recorded from traffic signal controllers to determine how signalized intersections are performing.

Indiana Traffic Signal Enumerations (link)  

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